Compiling Nginx from source in Debian 10

OS type and version: Debian 10
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17
Related products version: Nginx 1.14.2

Hi all!

I have Virtualmin installed in Debian 10 with Nginx. (no Apache).

I would like to install some additional modules to Nginx (mod_pagespeed, Enhanced Memcached, Brotli…) and I was wondering if I can compile from source Nginx 1.20.1 (latest stable) and replace the current installed version of Nginx by Virtualmin installation (1.14.2) with this new one (1.20.1)?

Does this will mess with Virtualmin/Webmin?

I appreciate any insights on this. Thank you in advance.


You could do this, but you should not do this.

If you insist on doing this (despite this being an obviously bad idea), you just need to make sure Webmin/Virtualmin knows the right paths for your custom installation.

If you really need a newer version, I recommend you get a newer version of the deb package. You can grab the source package and modify it to be the version you need and rebuild almost as easily as building from source, and it will put everything in the right places by default. But, you give up the single most valuable feature of using OS packages which is that you don’t have to be responsible for updates…the OS just rolls them out when there are security issues or whatever, and you update using apt. If you have a custom build, you are on your own. It is much more dangerous to be on your own.

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