compile procmail-wrapper for armel kirkwood

Hello all

I try to run Webmin/Virtualmin on a QNAP TS-11x.
The installation of the original debian packages works well so far.
I have recompiled apache2.2-suexec-custom in order to modify the path to /home.

Now I would like to install the package procmail-wrapper on my NAS too.
Is there a way/chance to get the source to recompile for the armel architecture; or isn’t this code opensource.

If the package procmail-wrapper isn’t opensource, what functionallity get lost?

Sorry for my english :wink:

Kind regards


The procmail-wrapper program is just a simple C wrapper to procmail, which is designed to call procmail with the correct permissions.

The source is as follows:


#define REAL_PROCMAIL “/usr/bin/procmail”

int main(int argc, char **argv)

execv(REAL_PROCMAIL, argv);

What’s important is that it is set to mode 6755, so that procmail gets run as root on Postfix systems.