Compatible with DreamObjects (Amazon S3 Bucket)?

How do I modify the “S3-compatible server hostname” so that I can use DreamObjects (DreamHost’s Amazon S3 protocol storage)? And are there other settings?

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If a provider is using an S3 compatible service, then Virtualmin’s S3 backups should work with it. However, you’d need to get the details you mentioned from the provider. They’d be able to give you the hostname to use, as well as the bucket and key.



Thanks for the response. They do have the information. But where do I enter in the hostname? I do not see those fields mentioned in the documentation.


It looks like the details for configuring that were recently moved… that can now be configured in Backup and Restore -> Cloud Storage Providers -> Amazon S3.


Okay, so I have my hostname set along with the correct api key and secret, but I am still getting this error:

Starting backup of 1 domains to Amazon S3 bucket firelitehost …

Failed to list S3 buckets :
Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

Any idea?

Or is this just normal?