I’m looking to create a CommuniGate module though I am not skilled at all with module creation nor am I skilled with Perl so unless someone else here wants to take over the job I’ll be asking a lot of questions.

The information I have found so far is this:

This link is the guide for the CommuniGate CLI API and how to use telnet to send commands. This could work though I think the other API forms would be more effective.

Here is the link to the perl API for communigate including some example scripts and available commands.

Here is a think to the Java API with some example files as well as some example scripts and commands.

Perl Scripts
[file name=CommuniGateAPI.gz size=9511][/file]
Here is a tarball with the all of the example perl scripts in it in case anyone wants to look it over.

I know this is a big project and I’m sure I’ll learn as I go. If anyone out there is looking ot help it would be greatly appreciated.


Good luck with it - I’d love to see a good working CG module!