Commercial Support

Is there any company that offers commercial support or consulting for Virtualmin?

Of course there is. I guess you didn’t look around in this forum section.


Our company fully supports Virtualmin. Please feel free to send an email to and tell me what you need.


Sure but how many actually know there way around Virtualmin and web servers?

If its just basic Virtualmin configuration I can do this myself. I need someone which is really expert in servers, software, networks, this includes more than just knowing how to click and point the GUI.


We use Virtualmin across our CentOS cluster of just over half a dozen servers. We’ve been using Virtualmin and formerly Webmin (the core of Virtualmin) for nearly a decade.

In order to consider yourself a system admin, it’s important in my opinion that you are able to manage a server’s settings and troubleshoot matters without a GUI like Webmin/Virtualmin, where these GUI’s simply allow you to do regular tasks with less work.


Im sure I also contacted you and did not received a reply back either.

And just what test are you going to administer to see what a person knows here ?

Any idiot looking to make a few bucks can claim anything you want them to say.

However if you read the feedback I have received not just here but at my business site should speak volumes not to mention that Joe and Jamie here that code webmin/virtualmin/cloudmin/usermin can vouch for me as I have been a user and have beta tested here for years… so long I can’t even remember when I started using webmin.

While we are at “bragging”… :wink:

I need someone which is really expert in servers, software, networks, this includes more than just knowing how to click and point the GUI.

Maybe it is sufficient “expert” for you when I say that I’m a) operating two VMware ESXi physical root servers with 10-15 virtual machines each, with a wild mixture of OS and applications, Virtualmin being one of them (also radio streaming, game servers, dynamic DNS, Jabber, IRC, …), and b) administering the network and IT infrastructure of the Technical Computer Science working group at my University, also with ESXi as virtualization platform. :slight_smile:

What I said is that I contacted some of this commercial companies and I did not received any reply back, even someone that said they have done “this and that with Virtualmin” and when I explained my request, I dot not even receive a reply with a quote back in days, which means they are not interested and I hardly think someone that advertises something does need the extra job. So based on the not receiving a reply back I guessed they are not just up the task and preferred not to reply with a price or custom job fee.

So if someone can configure Virtualmin to create virtual hosts in a shared NFS server, please tell me here how much and if there is a guarantee of it working. I don´t need a cluster, or databases clustered, or the whole Virtualmin clustered. My request is simple. Virtualmin creating virtual apache webhosts in a NFS share.

Does that sound like something impossible to do? Not to mention if someone has experience on this, it will be a piece of cake for them and they can charge me for extra configs I may need in the future, as they would have running already something which im looking.

I did received some quotes and emails from people which said they can do this right now or today for me, but I prefer someone that knows Virtualmin vs just any administrator. Because otherwise I would just use Apache in a standalone server by myself and I wanted to have the benefit of Webmin/Virtualmin as GUI for future integration of more services.

A NFS if mounted properly is simply just another partition so the answer is yes it can be done.

However that NFS must be mounted as /home since it must work with standard VM


What is the “prefix” (just the part before the @ symbol) of your email, as I don’t seem to see an email from you. Generally speaking, whether interested, or able to complete a task I will respond within 12 - 24 hrs. (or less) to any inquiry (except SPAM); especially one which relates to a topic I’ve responded to on here.

*** If you emailed the address provided in my posting, there is a possibility the message went to the SPAM folder, so providing the “prefix” as requested above will allow me to see if the message was incorrectly categorized. Keep in mind, I receive quite a few messages daily, and do not intentionally ignore messages. ***


Nibb, we already went through this in your other forum thread. I already explained that I tested your issue and found no problem myself. I already offered you to log on to your machine to see if I can find a problem there. I already explained that you can write a bug report in the Issue Tracker if you think there is a bug. I listed my “references” here. Both sgrayban and tpnsolutions are very experienced as well.

What more do you want??

It’s time to ignore the TROLL. I can see he won’t be happy with anyones help here so lets kill the thread and go with life…

A troll? I contacted some companies here offering services willing to pay for it. And like I said I did not received a reply back. I also said here that if someone wants to quote me here, then please do. Im not wasting anyones times as I would pay for it. It seems you are the troll that comes to this topic posting useless information. If you cant do this, then please go away from this thread and you get a life. Stopping replying here if you are not wiling to do the job or if you can´t post information about who can do this, or anything else that is completely useless which is exactly what all your replies where so far.

And please stop posting useless information here. Its a job category forum and you are the only troll here trying to go off topic. And you don´t seem to know much about computers anyway. A NFS share is not just another mount like any other disk, you are wrong, it requires proper permission and the same ID as, file permission, and Apache users/groups as the server which is creating the configuration files. It requires allot more than just mounting /home in the first place. You need to change allot of files and permission and this is why I asked this as a paid job here. Go play games instead of trying to be a smart ass and let adults do the job instead.

Locutus, I appreciate your replies in the other topic but like I said, your test was in the same local server and this can´t really replicate the issue. Because mounting it locally uses basically again the local drives, and so will not have any issues with permission, groups, etc. This is why your test also worked fine.

If you are sure you can do this, then please tell me how to contact you as the forum does not allow private messages. But I would suggest using an external share like I did in my tests to see if you replicate the issue, and the also CentOS, not Ubuntu to see if its OS specific.

I am not “sure” that I can do this. With problems like this, you can never be “sure” to solve it. Even professional companies can’t guarantee that. I explained why I did the quick test locally, and I offered multiple times now to log on to your system and take a look if I can solve the actual problem.

But it doesn’t seem to me that you want that, otherwise you wouldn’t just repeat your “I want commercial support” thing over and over. Also seeing how you treat the others here offering help, so I shall do as you suggest and “go on playing games”.

My reply about that was to “sgrayban” which called me a troll because of what I posted here while he was the one going off topic.

And yes you offered to log in, but did you expect me to post root logins here on the public forums? How exactly do you expected me to give you this logins if I don’t know who you are and there is no contact info anywhere? No to mention giving servers access to someone I don´t know.

And my reply here was correct. Most can´t do this, you said it yourself as well, so I was correct with “other comments” before, and this is the reason why at least 5 companies here offering the commercial support for “virtualmin” did not replied either. I guess there support involves more, installing, updating, uninstalling.

Looking at some of those websites did not gave me confidence either to be honest, they where such a mess that it looks like if 15 year kid designed them. I can Google tutorials myself if we go that route, and I have build and configured at least 200 servers in the past years, I own all my hardware in colo, so I don´t need something basic which is what I see most here offering, installing Virtualmin, fixing email server, configure MySQL, etc. I have coded my own web control panel for xenserver which Citrix offered to buy, this was way before things like Cloudmin even existed, and I can say that I have talked about Jamie even suggesting him a security solution for the way I did it with my own control panel so he can implement it in Cloudmin as well, as the way I did it in my own solution, I can consider safer while using VNC consoles to nodes, nothing fancy but we where bouncing emails for some days. So yes, I know around, servers, and hardware, and configurations more than some people here claim. I was willing to pay good money for a fix because I just don´t have time to play with it anymore. And I received insults like being a troll.

I don´t think im interested anymore. Thanks to all and good luck.

Well, with all your knowledge about servers, hardware and configuration, and your many years of experience, you’ll certainly be able to fix your problem. Good luck and take care!