Command shell system access

Basic question, but I cannot find the answer. How far can we limit a user in usermin on the command shell? FileManager is nicely rooted in the users home directory, but users can move about freely in command shell if I were to give them access to it.

Usermin Module Configuration does not appear to include Command Shell, and I cannot find any way to restrict it. Is it just too unsafe to give to a user?.


Hi Steve,

Yeah, I don’t know of a way to provide any restrictions within the Command Shell…

Allowing Usermin users to run any command they want may be unsafe, sure… though of course, most probably wouldn’t bother with it, so maybe it’s not that big a deal :slight_smile:

What are you hoping to allow users to do via the command shell there?


I have no burning desire to give them access if there is any risk.

It was left on and I didn’t know it was unrestricted. When I turned it off a few users complained. But I cannot have users running around the file system… I’ll just keep it turned off.