spews cron errors in /var/log/secure every few minutes

Jan 29 22:01:01 * crond[7498]: pam_limits(crond:session): invalid line ‘’ - skipped

This error appears in the log every few minutes. I found out it was by reloading the cron jobs page with “display running status” enabled in module config as soon as it spits it into the log. Is this a known bug?

Also the bugtracker is broken.


Hmm, the bug tracker seems to be working okay for me… you can get to it by clicking the Support link above, then “bugs and issues tracker” down at the bottom.

As far as your collectinfo problem goes, what does the crontab entry for that look like? You can get that by typing this from the command line as root:

crontab -l | grep collectinfo

[root@* ~]# crontab -l | grep collectinfo

3,8,13,18,23,28,33,38,43,48,53,58 * * * * /etc/webmin/virtual-server/

[root@* ~]#

I have a friend who also uses Virtualmin on CentOS and he has the same line put in his logs too, that’s why I’m thinking it might be a coding error in the file. Should I make a bug report? When I tried to last night I got a MySQL error…