I’ve read a couple of topics about causing server loads in the past but didn’t really found any solution to that problem. I still experience this problem. My server would basically get overloaded by sometimes once, sometimes twice or more times a day, then next week there would be no problems at all.

I use

webmin 1.420
virtualmin 3.582.gpl
CentOS Linux 5

I know I should upgrade to the latest version but ever since I started using this wonderful package the problem has remained after all the uprgades I did.

Can I just remove (rename) this script to something else. Would that prevent webmin from running or I’ll only lose some exotic functionality I don’t really need? is what provides the information on the System Information page. You can disable it, and you don’t have to do anything weird like renaming it. Why do something silly like that? :wink:

Look in Module Configuration:System Settings. The option is labeled "Interval between status collection job runs". Set it to "Never run".

And, you definitely want to upgrade. Loads of cool new stuff has been added since 3.582 (not to mention lots of bugfixes).