Cluster login to remote servers fails with "RPC error : Invalid user for RPC" after upgrade to 1.993

OS type and version centos 7.9 and alma 8.6
Webmin version 1.993

I have 1 server with a cluster configured to update and run commands on other servers. After upgrading to 1.993 all the servers responded with “RPC error : Invalid user for RPC”.

This error comes when i try to connect either with an Unrestricted webmin user (a copy of root) or when i try to connect with user root itself.
Both users have “Can accept RPC calls?” enabled at the webmin user setup on the remote servers.

I had to downgrade all servers to 1.991 again, else i could not manage them anymore.


@Jamie, it seems as a regression bug?

@Jamie, this line seems as a bug to me?

@Linulex If you edit this line and remove "" from that line, making it look like this:

my %access = &get_module_acl($user);

… and restart Webmin – will that work then?

Actually, most probably the check underneath this line is incorrect and should be that instead:

return 1 if ($access{'rpc'} == 1);	# Can make arbitary RPC calls
return 0 if ($access{'rpc'} == 0);	# Cannot make RPCs

That did the trick thank you.

Is it ok to wait with updating till a new version is released with this solution or was the security fix that serious that updating is needed asap? Due to the nature of the bug updating would mean: update with the cluster and then manually log in to every server to change 2 digits.

I dont have unpriveliged users, user linulex has an acl whitelist from our ip adres and fail2ban is active on logins.

regards Jan and thanks again for fixing it so fast.

We just released version 1.994 that fixes this issue.

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Thank you for the fast release Jamie, ill start updating our servers then

Kind regards

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