Cloudmin Xenserver and Xen

Firstly - thanks for great software - Webmin taught me a great deal about linux and now Virtualmin is making my life easier as a developer.

I have a question about Cloudmin. I currently have the (now) open Source Xenserver running on a bare metal box with about 10 virtual machines of various types running on it. I also have virtual machines in the cloud on Amazon and Digitalocean. What I would really love to be able to do is manage all of these with Cloudmin from within a VM on the Xenserver.

With this in mind I created a Centos 7 VM on my Xenserver and installed Cloudmin. It reported that Xen wasn’t installed but I understand that is because Xen >4.4 does not use xend. With the GPL version I can’t see any way of adding my Xenserver host or anything on Amazon or elsewhere. I have some questions that spool out of this whose answers will save me a lot of time. These are:

  1. Does the current version of Cloudmin support Xenserver (as opposed to Xen).
  2. Despite not being able to manage Xen on the Centos 7 VM (on which Cloudmin is installed) should it be possible to manage the Xenserver host?
  3. If it’s not possible to do this with the GPL version, if I upgraded to the professional version would I be able to manage Xenserver hosts and Amazon EC2 instances despite not being able to manage the local Xen on the VM? In other words, is the ability to manage a copy of Xen on the same machine as Cloudmin essential to being able to manage other distant hosts?
  4. Is there a recommended configuration of Centos / Xen which I should install to be able to run a production version of Cloudmin inside a Xenserver guest such as to provide full functionality?
  5. Will we be likely to see a version of Cloudmin that supports Centos 7 new Xen 4.5 which now uses xl instead of xend?

Sorry for all the questions but I know that to find these things out myself would take many many hours of trial and error! I know I’m trying to install a xen kernel in a Xenserver guest, but the only reason that I’m trying to do this is it seems to be a prerequisite of a functioning Cloudmin instance. I would be quite happy not to do this if I could work out how to get Cloudmin in a guest VM to manage remote hosts (line the very host that it’s sitting in!). Im not interested in actually running VM’s in the Centos guest, which is itself on Xenserver (I know - Russian dolls scenario!).

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Kind regards,