Cloudmin with Virtualmin together ?

Is it possible to run them both on the same physical server?
Server is Centos 6.

Situation: I need a few sites in the same server which also will host
a few VPSes using KVM preferably.

And if yes, in what order and how ?

ps: I don’t mean a Cloudmin server with Virtualmin on the VPSes that I will create,
I mean, the same server will run both. A few KVM VPSes on a server that will host a few pages too.

Is it possible ?


Sure, that’s no problem. You can have a single server that runs Cloudmin and Virtualmin side-by-side. It doesn’t matter what order you install them in.

Once you are finished, you will then see, when logging into port 10000, an option for Webmin, Cloudmin, and Virtualmin, all in the top-left when you log in.


Thank you! Really appreciate it!

Sorry if I am …taking over my own post but it’s related enough.

Searching about Hetzner I found this:

And I am confused about this bridge, I can use all IPs of a /29 ip block that I have as I like ?

What I mean: Running virtualmin on the same server I may need 1-2 IPs for websites with SSL.
So I need (for example) 2 IPs from the 6 usable for virtualmin and the rest (4) of /29 to VPSes.

Is it possible ? Or when I create the bridge, the whole /29 ip block will be usable only for cloudmin ?

Sorry for the stupid question but I never tried something like that before to know the answer.

In ‘webmin/networking/networkconfiguration’. Goto interfaces and add eth0:1, eth0:2 as virtual devices of eth0 and manually assign them the 2 IPs for virtualmin. Then put those IPs in the virtualmin IP list via ‘virtualmin/address and networking/shared IP addresses’.

Cloudmin network range will still show those IPs but will show used. Thus virtualmin will have its IP list and cloudmin will use whats left.

I´m not sure if this is a good idea, technically it should work but you are creating a mess in terms of management not to mention security. Do you want to host websites and give access to your server to users on the same system where you store logins and access to management servers (virtual nodes) ???

That is a very stupid risk to take if you ask me. I could rather run Cloudmin separated from any shared service you are providing.

Also, while Cloudmin installs Webmin (but not Virtualmin) it mentions in the documentation that you should install Cloudmin on a clean system without webmin or virtualmin installed. There is probably a reason for that and what they mention this.

There is no reason to run them all next to each other in the same system because Cloudmin can already install Virtuamin on any systems you like, but don´t install it in the same Cloudmin server.

Finally I’ve found a solution to this crappy issue!
Thank you, mate, I really appreciate this!
You are my hero!