cloudmin windows server 2003 std SLOW

Hi All,

I have cloumin 8.2 with KVM, 2 VM ( zentyal --> no problem and windows server 2003 std 32bits --> PROBLEM)

My problem is my windows server 2003 Std is very slow, the VM is on LVM group with snapshot.
I access by VNC and Remote Desktop.
for example when I run a single copy ok ! but if in parallel I launched a second, it gets very slow.

i have tried manage disk with writethrough and writeback it’s the same probleme
ressources is 4GO of RAM and 1 proc with 4cores.

what does it could be ?

Search for Windows PV drivers. The link I had before is no good. Install them and it should help dramatically. I have some I’m using with Windows 2008R2/Xen and it’s amazingly fast.