Cloudmin w/ Amazon EC2

I’m very interested in purchasing Cloudmin and have a couple questions. I currently provide web hosting for a number of clients and have used Webmin/Virtualmin exclusively.

If I were interested in offering VPSes (preconfigured with LAMP, etc.), could I use Cloudmin to launch and manage one of these instances? In other words, can I create my own AMI (configured the way I want) and have Cloudmin do all the creation, management, scaling of the image?

Under this scenario, would you still use Webmin or Virtualmin, or does Cloudmin replace that?


you need Cloudmin for manage images and virtual machines and Virtualmin for manage web hosting.

As dragona mentioned, Cloudmin does not replace Virtualmin. The two are wholly separate products with very different purposes. Cloudmin manages virtual machines across many systems (or many EC2 instances, though if you’re only using EC2, it may not be a useful addition since Amazon provides decent tools for managing them, unless you also have Virtualmin on most of them).

I’ll also mention that EC2 has several technical limitations that you should get familiar with before deploying to it (it’s awesome, and has many great benefits, too, of course). Scaling is not something you can do with EC2 images…at least not in the way that you might assume. You can’t resize an EC2 instance, in terms of memory or CPU, without backing up the data, and moving to a new bigger instance, for instance. Some of the virtualization types supported by Cloudmin can scale memory and CPU, though, so if you need those features, you might consider deploying with Xen or KVM whose instances can be resized.

Anyway, if you’re just dealing with one EC2 instance, Cloudmin is overkill. Cloudmin is intended for deployments of a handful or (possibly much) more virtual machines. If you happen to be running Virtualmin on those systems, even better, since Cloudmin provides a central UI for those Virtualmin systems.