Cloudmin Setup Questions

OS type and version CentOS 7
Webmin version 1.994
Cloudmin version 9.6 KVM


I have been using Virtualmin for 7 years now but I think I need Cloudmin. The reason I think I need Cloudmin are as follows:

  1. One of the sites that we run has a 10 GB database. When trying to backup the database, the entire server becomes slow. I believe that if we have Cloudmin and use the snapshot feature then backups will be much faster. Please let me know if this is a wrong assumption.

  2. Some of the sites are taking too much resources. I know Virtualmin Pro has a resource limit option but with Cloudmin I can limit the resources too.

  3. Some of our sites run on PHP 5.6 (I know…I know…but I can’t help help if the client doesn’t want to upgrade). I want to run those sites in a separate instance than the rest of the sites.

So those are my reasons for choosing Cloudmin (please correct me if I am wrong). However I am new to it and have some questions before I purchase the Pro version of Cloudmin. I have installed Cloudmin on a new server but I have some newbie questions. Here are the questions.

  1. Do I need to have to install Cloudmin on a LVM to be able to take snapshots? Right now when I go to Resources->Disk Snapshots I get this error: This system does not support snapshots : Only systems using LVM for disk images can be snapshotted. Is there a documentation link/tutorial as to how to setup the LVM for Cloudmin?

  2. Does Cloudmin manage it’s own DNS? For e.g., if I create a new KVM instance then can I manage the DNS from my domain provider? Or am I supposed to use Cloudmin as the DNS provider?

  3. If I have to use Cloudmin as the DNS provider, then how many nameservers do I configure on my domain providers side? I have seen this documentation but it mentions creating only one nameserver whereas all domain providers force you to create 2 nameservers. Should I create a duplicate nameserver like and point it to the same IP?

  4. Is there a recommended configuration for Cloudmin? What I want to do is the following:

  • Run one instance for PHP 5.6 codebase with it’s own MySQL.
  • Run one instance for PHP 7 applications with it’s own MySQL.
  • Each instance will have 4-6 websites
  • I need to backup a total of 20 GB of website+MySQL data every weekend and 2 GB of incremental data every day.

I have 2 500 GB Nvme drives running in software Raid 1 configuration with 32 GB RAM on a E5-2620 v4 Broadwell Xeon processor.

  1. Once I buy the Cloudmin Pro license, is the Cloudmin Services part that I have to use mainly?

  2. Lastly, do you or anyone else provide a setup/installation/configuration service for Cloudmin Pro for a fee?

Thanks in advance.


I’d be happy to assist you with your questions via a consult.

If you are a Pro customer I can further help you get some of the stuff setup as part of your license or if you are a GPL user can do so for a Virtualmin exclusive rate.

Drop me a line and we can start with a FREE consult to go over questions.

*** Professional, Affordable Virtualmin Support ***

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