Cloudmin services and csf firewall

centos 7 with all latest updates CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
latest cloudmin 9.2 webmin 1.983

i have installed a fresh cloudmin on a new server, and i can se the cloudmin services under virtualmin settings. but on my old secondary the same link goes to the pannel af the csf firewall!!! WHY ?
on my new server i have not installed the csf firewall.

can any try this and confirm this ???

its only on the cloudmin host

ok i have installed the csf firewall on my new cloudminserver and the issue with ser cloudmin services is gone, but i will try so setup a second server with the same csf firewall, so when this is also working you can close the ticket

yum reinstall wbm-cloudmin-services -y
has helped

ok i have installed no the csf firewall on my new server, and its working, csf is working and the cloudmin services are working.