Cloudmin server-manager module version 3.1 released

Howdy all,

Jamie has rolled out Cloudmin version 3.1 for all platforms.

Changes since 3.0:

  • Added a button on the list of managed systems to reboot several at once.
  • When creating an EC2 instance, a kernel image other than the default provided
    by Amazon can be selected.
  • For Xen instances and OpenVZ containers, the network rate limit can be set at
    system creation time.
  • OpenVZ containers can now be paused and resumed.
  • Existing OpenVZ containers on host systems managed by Virtualmin can now be
    detected and imported.
  • OpenVZ systems can now be moved to a different host, using the move-system
    API command or the Move Virtual System page in the web UI.
  • Added API commands list-reverse-addresses and modify-reverse-address to show
    and change IP to hostname mappings in DNS.
  • Reverse IP mappings can now be added to and managed in partial reverse DNS zones,
    as long as they use the format.
  • Xen host systems with multiple network interfaces and bridges are now supported,
    allowing Xen instances with multiple Ethernet intefaces to be created.
  • Replaced the Java applet used for text logins with an AJAX implementation, which
    allows any modern browser to login without the need to install Java.
  • The columns to show on the Cloudmin Managed Systems page can now be configured on
    the Module Config page, and can include the IP address, groups and location.
  • Added the shell-system command, for opening a root shell on any Cloudmin-managed
    system from the command line on the master.
  • A root shell on Xen and real systems can now be opened using the Root Shell link
    on the left menu.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems by filing a ticket in the tracker.