Cloudmin says DHCP server is not running while creating KVM VM


I am new to Cloudmin/Virtualmin ,I am trying to create a KVM VM using Cloudmin and Webmin running on Ubuntu 16.04 lts. I am using the GPL version. This is being used on my local home network. I have installed DHCP server in the Webmin modules and added the subnet I assigned in Cloudmin which is 192.168.2.x. I added the subnet to the DHCP server with these settings: Network address: Address Ranges: Netmask: I have not done anything else on the DHCP settings other than save and start. When I try and create a new KVM system, everything goes fine except that it says “Adding DHCP entries …
… DHCP server cannot be configured : The DHCP server on your Cloudmin master system is not running”

I have followed Multiple guides in the Virtualmin Documentation but I am still having this issue. My normal home network is running on the 192.168.1.x subnet as well. I am also seeing that DHCP server is running in the system bootup shutdown tasks in webmin, I have also set it to boot on startup.

I am not sure what else to try and what other information I need to provide, let me know and thank you!

Edit I also added a bridged network device following this guide:

This is the one I followed for the DHCP server:

As well as this one