Cloudmin replication fails


We have 5 cloudmin hosts and would like to close the master. All the hosts have vms.
We have the replication configured but the slave hosts don’t show any of the configured cluster vm servers. Only the master shows all the vm servers. How can we move the master to another server?

The servers are configured as “Replica of another system (No master yet)” and show the message:
This system is a Cloudmin replica, but is not replicating from any master system yet. No changes to managed systems or global settings are allowed.

On the master, after saving the replication config I see: "Replication already in progress "

What’s missing?

Nobody has issues with cloudmin replication?

How can I replicate the configuration to another server and close the master server?

What if the master fails? I will lose the cluster and all the VMS!


I suspect Jamie missed your notification in the support tracker, he’ll get back to your shortly regarding your question… sorry for the delay.