Cloudmin replication fails with cloudflare clash

Mainly looking for @staff interaction, but in case any one else has a lead on the issue…
We’re moving virtualmin domains from one host to another, attempting to use replication from cloudmin pro. Any domain that is set up to use cloudflare DNS fails with “a clash was detected : DNS zone already exists on cloud provider Cloudflare DNS Restore failed!”
I’ve tried with excluding ‘DNS Domain’ from features to replicate with the same outcome.
End result we’re looking for is a simple way to move sites from hostA to hostB fully intact, most of which are on cloudflare DNS.

Ah, that does look like a bug - since DNS is hosted externally on Cloudflare, really a sync like this should not attempt to re-create the DNS zone at all.

We’ll fix this in the next release …

Thanks Jamie! Any workaround that I could use to get the systems replicated in the meantime?

On the destination system, try going to System Settings → Server Templates → Default Settings → DNS Domain, and change “Take over existing zone when creating?” to “Yes”

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