Cloudmin pro & Virtualmin Pro license

Hi - I am very keen on using VirtualMmin and Cloudmin - I am trying to understand the licensing.

Virtilmin Pro - include virtualmin & webmin & usermin

Cloudmin Pro - is this a stand alone license to Virtualmin Pro i.e. I would need to buy 2 seperate licenses.

I understand that VirtualMin manages virtual host and CLoudmin manages VPS - I would like to manage both virtual hosts and VPS’s - so would I need a Virtualmin Pro license & a Cloudmin Pro license?

many thanks


Webmin and Usermin are both available for free under the GPL license.

Virtualmin is a Webmin module, and during the installation, first installs both Webmin and Usermin.

Cloudmin is also a Webmin module, and the installation of Cloudmin installs Webmin.

A Virtualmin Pro license, or the Cloudmin Pro license, is just a license for the module, not the other software it uses (which you could install for free without those components if you wanted).

There are GPL versions of both Virtualmin and Cloudmin – if you wanted to see how they worked, you could always try out those GPL versions.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!



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