Cloudmin-Pro ssh mismatch

OS type and version debian bullseye 11.6 arm64
Webmin version 2.10
Cloudmin version 9.7 GPL

Really confused!!!
Trying to add fully functional ssh keys id_rsa and as root from /root/.ssh to cloudmin-pro who refuses to accept the functional keys.

Creating an Cloudmin_SSH_key was accepted but no way to generate the Cloudmin_PublicKey via the Webinterface!
Generating via
ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -y > ~/.ssh/
and importing in the Webinterface did the job.

BUT what can I do with the created keys? Where can I find them to make a keyfile for secure access. Where is the interface to create the keyfile?

After creation of the keyfiles: authorized_keys, id_rsa and
have to be distributed to every physical host to enable Cloudmin-Pro to log in with ssh-keyfile.

Please submit proper documentation on it.

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