Cloudmin Pre--Sales - - Virtualmin Pro Pre-Sales

OS type and version Almalinux 9.2
Webmin version 2.101
Cloudmin version NA

I know guys are probably a small team very busy but I just don’t find a public forum as being the correct place to have pre-sales discussions. I couldn’t couldn’t find a contact form but if you would like to provide an
email or Skype ID ( Preferably Skpe ) Then I think we can moving in a forward direction.

A good idea is to include questions and answers in any sales requests.
I believe this could expand Virtualmin Pro/Cloudmin.
I think it might be appropriate to open a specific item for this.

I don’t think you have a correct assessment of the size of the team - the software belongs to the entire community and the entire community is available to answer questions, including pre-sales questions.

Have you seen

I would like to test the GPL version and then include the PRO.
First question:
Can I install the GPL version even using the PRO version of Vitualmin?
Second question:
Where do I find the step-by-step to start this installation?

If you’re asking can you upgrade GPL to Pro – then the answer is yes.

We are working on improving overall documentation, in the very near future.

Currently you can start from looking to this page:

Here I am asking if I could install Cloudmin GPL if I use Virtualmin PRO.

What are you looking to get from Cloudmin?

As it is mentioned on the page :

Cloudmin is designed for use by VPS hosting companies that sell virtual systems to their customers, but is also suited for anyone who wants to get into virtualization for application management, testing, controlling a cluster of Virtualmin hosts, or just to learn about cloud computing.

Cloudmin supports additional logins called system owners, who can be given limited access to a subset of virtual systems, and can be restricted in the actions that they perform. Owners can have limits set on their disk, RAM and CPU usage that apply across all their virtual systems, either defined on a per-owner limit or from a plan.

Alright, great! The machine on which Virtualmin Pro is currently installed is a bare metal device with virtualization technology enabled in BIOS or a virtual machine with the support of nested virtualization?

For the time being:
A virtual machine that supports nested virtualization.
With the positivity of the tests I intend to expand via VDS or Dedicated Server.

It should work then. However, I’d recommend creating a complete system backup (snapshot) to facilitate a seamless roll-back if necessary.

@Calport Actually I do!

I’m also aware that assesmets are often incorrect when we forget that things are not always as they may seem or that people are not all the same :wink:

Cloudmin and Virtualmin Pro do you have live demos? Do you have trials as I would like to test them. The reality is that we can read about something to the point of ready multiple complete books on something but it’s not the same as hands on.

I personally haven’t heard of cloudmin until a few days ago when I went to see how much Virtualmin Pro was what the advantages might be of buying pro version. I may have missed this but does Cloudmin come with a Virtualmin Subscription or does Virtualmin Pro come with a Cloudmin subscription?

I’m currently using Proxmox and there things I really like about Proxmox but at the same time there is a lot I don’t like.

Is Cloudmin stable and can it directly replace Proxmox? How user friendly is Cloudmin? I’m thinking that if I’m switching to Webmin/Virtualmin it might be better to include Cloudmin but that’s not a decision that I can randomly just decide to to switch and then find out that it’s not a good fit.

I have no idea what that means and what your experience has been thus far.

Cloudmin is a different product and Virtualmin is a different product. Both need Webmin but all three have their own installers and all are GPL, so please take the trouble to install the free GPL.versions of any combination of the family of products mentioned above.

If the essence of your pre-sales questions consists of only “Can Cloudmin replace Proxmox” then the answer is, try it out yourself by installing the GPL version.

One of the objectives of offering a GPL (free) version of Webmin, Virtualmin and Cloudmin is to enable people to try before they buy the PRO version.

I completely agree with your statements.
It turns out that since there is no practical, simple and guided way to try the GPL version of Cloudmin this type of comment will persist.
As soon as a more absorbable form is created, the evolution of the platform will be effective.