Cloudmin Plugin creation

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Webmin version 2.013
Cloudmin version 9.7 Pro

I am looking to create a custom plugin for cloudmin but cannot seem to find any documentation related to this . I was hoping the plugin would show up in the cloudmin plugins tab and I could enable it .But I cannot find the location to place the files so it will show up their. Can anyone provide documentation for creating a plugin for cloudmin or provide me with the location directory root to place the plugin in so it is recognized in the cloudmin panel and can be enabled etc.

I believe creating Cloudmin plugins is probably pretty similar to creating plugins for Virtualmin, but I’m not 100% confident of that (I mean, certainly it would be a Webmin plugin, and then presumably there would be hooks to put it into Cloudmin menus), as I’ve never made one.

Writing Virtualmin plugins docs are here: Writing Virtualmin Plugins – Virtualmin

I’ll ask @Jamie to chime in if he has any pointers for other places to look.

Yes, they are basically the same. The best place to look at for the API a plugin needs to implement is

However, functionality is pretty limited … @host what do you want your plugin to do?

That’s a private repo. We need to split off Cloudmin GPL into its own repo. I was planning to do that once I get the new installer done.

Er, nevermind. Ilia already did that, so it is public. My bad.