Cloudmin on centos 8 / almalinux?

**Host OS type and version:**centos 8 / almalinux
Guest OS type and version: IF APPLICABLE
**Webmin version:**latest
**Cloudmin version:**latest

Is there any news or an update when cloudmin will be installable on centos 8, or better centos 8 replacements because centos 8 is eol very soon.

Personaly we use Almalinux.

kind regards

Any update on this or is cloudmin really dead?

If so, i don’t understand. It is good and works rather well. Properly managed it could be better and bigger then Proxmox or Solusvm (now Solusio). There are a lot good webhosting control panels, but very few good vps/cloud management software.

Proxmox doesn’t work on redhat
solusio’s licening is a mess

and the rest like vmware or openstack are to expensive and or to big/complicated for a small company.



Any news on this yet?

Thank you.

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