Cloudmin Networking Error

Dear friends,

I am trying to install Cloudmin on my own server. I am using the GPL version on CentOS 7. I have used Virtualmin successfully in the past, so I am disappointed that my Cloudmin installation did not go to plan.

I logged onto the control panel just after installing it from the install script and get the following error:
This system cannot be a KVM host : No bridge interfaces like br0 were found Virtual systems cannot be created or added until this is fixed.

When I follow these instructions for changing networking interfaces:

I am unable to connect. I have directly attached a monitor to the server, but it is not able to ping anything, so the network configs are bad. However, as best I can tell, I followed all instructions. Please help.

Please view my images:

Image 1: This is the current setting for my current network interface. It is called enp0s25.
Image 2: This is the setting for the new bridge, called br0. Because the instructions say, “fill in the IP address and netmask that used to be assigned to eth0,” I decided to change the IP to DHCP assigned, similar to the other one. I selected enp0s25 like as the interface.
Image 3: This is the active configuration tab.
Image 4: This is the boot time configuration tab that I updated with br0 as the interface and the gateway from image 3.
Image 5: I get no result from pressing “apply configuration,” but I do get a popup that alerts me that I have disconnected from the server.



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Here is the link to the folder with my screenshots: