Cloudmin Multi-Server/Service setup

I purchase Cloudmin Pro license for 10 virtual server.
We are trying to get a setup like this:

  • Physical Host Running Cloudmin;
  • VM1: Running Virtualmin for database hosting (MySQL);
  • VM2: Running Virtualmin for Web hosting (Apache2 + SUExec);
  • VM3: Running VIrtualmin for DNS Master (private IP only);
  • VM4: Running Virtualmin for DNS Slave Public service;
  • VM5: Running Virtualmin for DNS Slave Public service;
  • VM6: Running Virtualmin for Mail hosting.

Is this setup possible to achieve using Cloudmin Pro with Virtualmin GPL ?

Michael Plourde

Mostly yes. Though you don’t need Virtualmin on DNS hosts for Cloudmin Services; just Webmin will do. I don’t think you need Virtualmin on the database hosts, either.

The feature your looking for to set this up is Cloudmin Services, which is included in every Cloudmin Pro license (or as part of Cloudmin Connect). The docs for that are here:

The “no” part of this “mostly yes” is that web and mail for each domain needs to live on the same Virtualmin host system. You can off-load spam/AV scanning, but actual delivery needs to happen on the Virtualmin host, in a default Virtualmin configuration (because that’s where there home directories are, and where the user accounts are). But, everything else can be offloaded to dedicated servers. So, in your design, merge the mail and web server into one or two systems that host both mail and web, and then you can offload the DNS and databases to your dedicated servers running just BIND or just MySQL (or MariaDB), and Webmin to connect to Cloudmin and handle the DNS slave replication and such.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Actually, we got installed cloudmin on the VM’s host server.
We already got two other virtualmin system, one for Web Hosting and the other for master DNS service.
However, we can’t get the cloudmin service client working for DNS.
We have followed the “Add Host System to Cloudmin” procedure, and the DNS system is now available through cloudmin master.
Same for the web hosting server.
However, everytime we try to add cloudmin service client for DNS zone in the web hosting system, we got this message: DNS service not supported.

Description of the system:
Cloudmin Master Host: 10.0.3.x
Virtualmin Webhosting:
Virtualmin DNS server:

The IP network of the master host is different from the other server because we got two server farm connected together through a VPN.
Each network is reachable through any TCP/IP port and we can get access to any system through the cloudmin master interface.
We want to start the new server farm using cloudmin, but first we had to get access to old server farm.

Any idea why the cloudmin service didn’t work ?