Cloudmin multi-server design advice please

Hi all

I have a couple of dedicated servers at present and they are both configured as KVM hosts with one of them also being the Cloudmin Master. The servers are in the same rack at the DC, and are connected via 4 x gigabit NICs on each server through a gigabit switch. Effectively they have a ~4000mbit internal network, with 100mbit uplinks to the internet.

What I’m trying to do is adjust the design of this arrangement slightly. It would make more sense if the Cloudmin Master was located on a different machine - ie not one of the host machines. If one of these machines fails, there’s scope for it to take over the virtual machines from the other. However, if it’s the Cloudmin Master that fails, then I lose control for a while until I get another system up and running.

My question is related to bandwidth usage and data transfer etc. Obviously the Cloudmin Master handles the backup processes, and I have full system backups from each host machine running to the other host (so that if one fails I can recover from the remaining machine). Assuming that the Cloudmin Master is not within our fast LAN and actually in another DC entirely, what speed limitations should I experience when:
a) backing up from one host to the other?
b) recovering from one host to the other?
c) creating new virtual machines?
d) saving images ready for creating a new VM?
e) moving VMs from one host to another?
f) anything else that I may not have considered?

Any help, advice or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Hello VirtualNoob,

    After struggling with this for about a week now from what I understand we would be able to do a lot of the admin tasks through one panel being Cloudmin. I have decided after a lot of testing to build myself a management machine which is actually a server 

So here it is how I am doing this:

1 - Web Server - VPS Server - Virtualmin Cloudmin Webmin - NS1 - 1 tb of storage 16 GB of ram 2 quad core cpus,
2 - SQL SERVER - VPS (Small VPS’)- Cloudmin Webmin Virtualmin - NS2
3 - Management - Web Server (Static Sites) - Cloudmin Master Virtualmin Webmin - NS3

When I get my 4th server ready it will be the mail server and back up sql server.

This gives me the ability to move services across all servers if need be, but allows me to isolate them as well.

I will eventually have each service on an individual server be it VPS or Physical

You see what I mean.