Cloudmin LXC HowTo

OS type and version debian bullseye 11.6 arm64
Webmin version 2.10
Cloudmin version 9.7 GPL

We want to administer a cluster of lxc hardware servers with lxcContainers trough cloudmin.
Please provide a roadmap to success and the appropriate howto’s even if we have to licence cloudmin pro.

Thank you - willi


Check out:

If you have specific questions not addressed there, please let us know.

I checked it out - of course! The only way to install the GPL was “Cloudmin GPL for XEN”
Go to Host Systems -> LXC Host Systems, click the Register a system for LXC hosting link and select your new host machine.

The only options I have is:
Xen host settings

Though… the Setting Up Linux LXC Virtualization – Virtualmin
is useless.

Is there an additional module for lxc?
How can I get rid of the XEN module?
Do I have to upgrade to cloudmin pro for testing?


GPL comes in Xen and KVM version. LXC and other virtualization is a Pro feature.

OK, Thank you.