Cloudmin install on Ubuntu

Host operating system: Ubuntu
Host OS version: 20.04
VM Type: KVM
Guest OS wanted: Ubuntu 20.04
Also wanted: Docker/LXC

Hello, I am trying to install Cloudmin on my Ubuntu server but the GPL script keeps failing. I’ve since moved on to other things but this problem keeps nagging at me whenever I want to use my Ubuntu server. It would be a lot easier to use Cloudmin than to continually re-install Ubuntu on bare metal whenever I need to “reset” the server. I do not currently have details about what happened when I ran the script last, but I do know it had something to do with root privelidges breaking it. It needs root to some stuff, but then says it does not want root later and quits. I will try and update this over the weekend with updated log info.

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Would you be open to a screen sharing session? I’d be happy to diagnose the cause and see about getting it resolved.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

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My computer is not fast enough to screen-record or share, I’ve tried. I am happy to show screenshots though. Also, the server is a separate device than the desktop so there is some flexibility there.

Cloudmin on my Ubuntu server but the GPL script keeps failing.

Yeah cloumin should be only on pro versions not gpl… Short answer is open issue ticket with virtualmin folks they will sort you out within day.

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