Cloudmin documentation

Is this available anywhere?

Quick google found this. Might be dated.
Google also found WHMCS supports it if you use that,

Ilia removed it during the new website migration, with plans to put it into a new Cloudmin specific website. I think that was a mistake, since I don’t know how long it’ll be before we get the new Cloudmin site up. But, it is still available on the old site Stefan linked to.

I will try laying the foundation for it this weekend!

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Here is the virtualmin/ repo. Note that it’s a module of both and, and the latter are required for it to function.

I have set everything up; now we need to fill up the content, e.g.:

I will only be able to work on after the Virtualmin WordPress Kit is released. If anyone wants to help migrate Cloudmin documentation, send me nicely formatted (similar to PRs with docs in markdown format.

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