Cloudmin Demo?


A while ago, perhaps back in 2009, I remember there being a demo server running Cloudmin available. Has this been taken down? I see no mention of it on either or I recognise that screenshots are made available, however as I am a visually impaired computer user, they don’t help me much.


While I don’t recall the specifics – I seem to remember that they had trouble getting a publicly accessible demo available in the same way that there’s a Virtualmin demo. It is on the todo list, but it hasn’t been completed.

However, Jamie was manually setting up an account on a dev server of his for anyone who wanted to try Cloudmin.

If you’d like to try that out, my recommendation would be to open a support request using the Support link, and to file a request there for access to that demo.



Excellent. Thanks for the info. I’ll do that.