Cloudmin connect invalid license?

just bought a cloudmin connect license, but i can´t add it to my cloudmin server, a errors saying:

Failed to add license : Serial number xxxxxxx and key yyyyyyyyy is not valid

But i just bought it… =’(

Are you upgrading an existing Cloudmin GPL install? That may not work; Connect is a wholly separate branch of Cloudmin with multi-server support and no virtualization features (while GPL has virtualization but doesn’t have multi-server support), so it might not be upgradable using the Upgrade to Pro link as the way it gets installed is a bit different.

But, we can help make it happen. If you open a ticket, you’ll be able to send private data (as long as the ticket is marked private) and we can work through the specific details of either upgrading it for you, or installing from scratch with the Cloudmin Connect installer.

Damn, so i need a refund, i can´t afford any configuration on my production server, not for now, i will only do this in february…

How i proceed for a refund? tnx for your time.

I have removed the card from the recuring and its still trying to charge… wtf? and i need a refund i don´t wanted the product for the second month it auto billed, i have not marked it for auto rebuy… and even without a card registered on the system it is still trying to charge me… damn!

Sorry for the slow reply, and apologies for the confusion about your license. I don’t see any support tickets opened by you, which is how we handle all support for Pro products, including cancelations and license questions (and we usually respond the same day). I mentioned opening a ticket in my previous reply. I monitor forums on an “as-available” basis, and sometimes I don’t see everything that comes in; we have a full-time support person who monitors the issue tracker, in addition to Jamie and me.

Clicking “Issues” will take you to the issue tracker where you can make support requests (the “Support” link in the menu will also get you there, though it also covers getting help for our Open Source projects, so isn’t a direct link to the issue tracker).

Anyway, I’ve canceled your order and refunded all of your payments. Thanks for giving it a shot. If you decide to come back, don’t hesitate to open up support tickets for any problems you have with your licenses or with using the product, and we’ll be happy to help.