Cloudmin Cloning

I have a working cloudmin pro install. I’ve purchased a licensed through TPN Solutions.

I was hoping I might get some help on an issue I’ve been experience likely from missing a configuration somewhere. My issue relates to cloning a KVM and being returned an error notifying me that the IP address is in use. It says it created the sytem, I checked for the LVM but nothing appears. I was hoping it might show this error and then I can manually change the network interface

I’ve got IP Address(es) defined in Cloudmin > Host Systems > IP Addresses, and tried removing IP Addresses and have exclusively available for KVM Host Settings as well. I’ve got one KVM using 1/6 available.

When viewing the IP Addresses in Cloudmin here is what I see:

Address Used by Host systems 158.00.000.XX In Use 158.00.000.XX In Use 158.00.000.XX In Use 158.00.000.XX In Use 158.00.000.XX 158.00.000.XX In Use 198.00.00.XXX

technically only two domains are being used the main cloudmin and kvm… When viewing these IPs inside of KVM Host Settings after I define them their it shows 5 available IPs.

I am able to create KVM Hosts, define or randomly select IP’s from the available range with no error, only when I clone. Any ideas?

Regarding my networking setup I am using one NIC with a shared br0 interface w/ br0:0 - br0:5 for the IPs available. Each br0:# has to have it’s KVM w/ a MAC ID… I normally am able to define this on creating test KVMs from past experience. Not sure if this is possible for cloning.

Operating system Debian Linux 7.9
Webmin version 1.770
Cloudmin version 8.3
Kernel and CPU Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 on x86_64
VMs on server: 1
License: 10 VMs

Any insight or input would be appreciated from anyone who has used cloudmin!

Not sure if this is to late or even answers your question, but I see settings error so thought I’d chime in.

The address’s to be used by cloudmin and automatically assigned to a virtual machines should NOT be manually assigned to a physical interface. Such as br0, nor br0:0, nor eth0, etc. When assigned to an interface manually, cloudmin will say they are in use because they are. Only list the available ips for cloudmin in the Cloudmin > Host Systems > kvm host settings, on network options drop down. List your available ipv4 and ipv6 ranges for cloudmin to use there. Then on Cloudmin > Host Systems > IP Addresses, it should show what IPs are free/available to use.