Cloudmin API

Hi there, I am wondering if there is any documentation available for the command-line and web service API.

Also, would it be possible for the documentation section of the site to indicate if a link actually has content? Kind of like a Wiki where there is a ? next to the link letting you know it’s empty. It’s kind of frustrating to click and find there is no content. Or manually write (EMPTY) until you get around to writingt the content so that we know not to click. Just an idea and not a complaint :slight_smile:


I can partially answer my own question. On the server where you have cloudmin installed, run the following command:

/usr/sbin/cloudmin help

This will list all available command-line options. Very cool.

It would still be great to know mroe about the web service API.


The web API is exactly the same as the command line, only different. :wink:


Maps to:

cloudmin command --option value

Docs here:,cloudmin_remote_http_api/

Likewise for Virtualmin:,remote_http_api/

The actual command docs aren’t online yet, but I’m poking at the API doc importer as we speak (I’ve been stupidly slow getting those docs back online because I want it to be automated…there are dozens of pages, maybe hundreds by now, so it’d be a huge waste to do them manually, and then have to update them later automatically). Hopefully it’ll all be online soon.