Cloudmin 6.5 released

Cloudmin version 6.5 is now available for download from our YUM and APT repositories. Existing users should see a message on the Cloudmin Information page after logging in, prompting to upgrade to the new release.

This update contains bugfixes and a few features, including :

  • New packages can now be installed on multiple systems from the Package Updates page, or with the update-systems API command with the --install flag.
  • The number of cores for KVM systems can now be set, in addition to the number of virtual CPUs. This allows the creation of VMs that appear to have (for example) 4 cores but only 2 physical CPUs.
  • A minimum IO class for KVM and OpenVZ virtual systems can now be defined at the plan level, so that system owners cannot create or modify systems to have an excessive IO priority.
  • KVM systems can now be prevented from using IP or MAC addresses that have not been assigned to them, to prevent collision with other real or virtual systems.
  • When a backup is restored that contains disks whose size doesn’t match the target Xen or KVM instance, disks are resized first to match the backup.

As always, please report any bugs via our support tracker.