Cloudmin 5.8 released

Cloudmin version 5.8 is now available for download from our YUM and APT repositories. Existing users should see a message on the Cloudmin Information page after logging in, prompting to upgrade to the new release.

This update contains several new features, including :

  • When creating a Xen or KVM instance on a host system with multiple bridges, you can now select which bridges to automatically allocate IP addresses.
  • Xen and KVM systems with multiple disks now use a new backup format that stores each disk image in a separate file. This allows backups to be created and restored without consuming any temporary disk space on the host system.
  • The SSH port for new virtual systems can now be set on the Cloudmin Configuration page, and via the --ssh-port flag to the create-system API command.
  • Package updates are now installed via a single YUM or APT command, if the system being updated has Webmin 1.580 or Virtualmin 3.89 or later.
  • Status refreshes for managed systems (particularly those using Xen) should now be faster, thanks to the addition of more caching and removal of redundant checks.

It also fixes several minor bugs found since the last release. As always, please report any problems you find in this new version via the issue tracker.

You are missing the features log link like VM Pro has so you can see all current and previous changes.

Good idea … I’ll look into adding that for the next release.