Cloudflare - restore IP under "Recent Login" in Virtualmin Dashboard

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux
OS version: 20.04.2


I used the mod_remoteip to restore visitor IP addresses through Cloudflare but noticed that this does not impact the recent IP logins under the “Recent Login” section of Webmin. Is there a way around this?

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You could disable the proxy feature in Cloudflare for port 10000 / the Virtualmin domain, that should give you the actual IP in the Virtualmin dashboard as well as in Apache.

I don’t use Cloudflare myself but have done this for a few who do use it with Virtualmin.


Virtualmin doesn’t use Apache to serve pages, hence Apache modules have no effect over Virtualmin.

*** Virtualmin uses a homegrown, simple, perl based web server called “miniserv” ***

Perhaps @Jamie or @Joe might be able build support for this functionality into Virtualmin.

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I guess this module is using the X-Forwarded-For header? Or is it handled some other way? I’m pretty sure Webmin can provide that info, as it has good support for being proxied (and CloudFlare is a proxy, so I’d hope they use standard headers to announce that fact). I don’t know how off-hand, though.

Grepping does turn up mentions of X-Forwarded-For, so support is almost certainly in there. You’ll want to poke around in the Webmin-through-a-proxy docs for clues about how to turn it on. Though…it seems like maybe it should be automatic. So, if you’re not seeing it, maybe Cloudflare does something weird instead.


Thanks. I’ll explore CF to see if I can find that option.

Good point. I was looking around to see where the log is kept for the IPs.

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