Cloud DNS Providers AWS Route 53 Setup

Set up virtual server. Having a hard time getting dns set up. Found this Cloud DNS Providers under addresses and networking.

Under Cloud DNS Provider it says

The credentials on this page can be found on the Security Credentials page of your account on the AWS Console.

Provider Amazon Route 53 cannot be used on this system : The aws command is needed to use Amazon’s Route 53 service

Am I missing something? Is this usable or not in virtualmin? How do I go about setting this up.

Install the aws command. AWS Command Line Interface

Thank you Joe, I set it up and then I go check my DNS records under Server configuration, it tells me this

usage: aws [options] [ …] [parameters] To see help text, you can run: aws help aws help aws help aws: error: argument --hosted-zone-id: expected one argument

Have you seen this?

This is more of an Amazon Web Services issue rather than a Virtualmin issue though. You should contact Amazon support or open a thread in ServerFault or Unix & Linux.

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I mean, it seems like Virtualmin is trying to use it to list your domain’s records, but your domain records were not created in AWS (since you didn’t have the necessary command installed). That’s kinda bug-like.

But, you’ll need to turn off DNS and turn it back on again to get Virtualmin to generate records in the right place.

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