Cloned Custom Commands module not showing up in Usermin

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.3
Webmin version 21.05
Usermin version 2.005

I created a new category. I cloned custom commands module and called it “Authentication” and I put it under my new custom category. I clicked that the custom command should be available under Usermin when building the new custom command. The new category NOR the newly cloned module are showing up in Usermin after I log off and back onto usermin. I can assign a cloned module to usermin under the same category and it shows up. But the custom commands won’t move over. Even the pointer to the Webmin custom command gets created but there’s some kind of linkage broken where the custom command I built in Webmin doesn’t show up in usermin. All this used to work. Now it seems to be a broken functionality. I even did this with a fresh install of rocky on a vm and brand new webmin/usermin installs. I can’t get that custom module and command to show up in usermin. Please advise. Let me know if any further info is needed.

If I add clone a the same custom commands module in Usermin and give it the same name, The shared custom commands don’t show up in usermin.

I’ve tried the functionality in Framed theme and in Authentic Theme

Did you grant access to that module for the user(s) you want to be able to use it?

is that a new feature?

No, it’s always been there. There’s the general “Available Modules”, and then more specific “Module Restrictions” (which is newer, but not new…it’s been there for a decade or more).

Hi Joe, thank you for responding. I’ll look at this ASAP. I’m covered up with support issues ATM. I’ll update a result momentarily.

Ok in /etc/usermin/commands2/config file.


It needed to be modified to: webmin_config=/etc/webmin/custom2

It is missing the pointer folder number and has to be manually edited for usermin to know what set of custom commands to read from.

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