Clone domain with new DB's etc

I want to make several copies of a domain/server (running WP) on VM, with each having everything bespoke to the domain db’s, users etc.

The clone server feature does not create new db’s and maybe more - I would like the clone to be totally independant of the original site.

One option might be to create a special install script, but that is probably a step to far for me!


We’re currently discussing how to implement this by piggybacking onto webmin’s “custom fields” and “global variables” features and extending those to also support custom apache environment variables to be specified.

This would then make it possible to use environment variables to look up configuration values like mySQL credentials and/or other typically “hard coded” stuff.

Basically, the idea is to completely phase out the current method of hard-coding configuration stuff into files and completely leveraging webmin here.

This would make it possible to extend existing features like “install scripts”, “clone virtual server” and “migrate server” by using a single consolidated back-end that uses webmin-based custom fields/variables.

The added advantage would be that delegating configuration lookup via key/value pairs to webmin, will also make it possible to manage installed scripts AFTER a successful installation, and even move installed scripts to other vhosts or even other servers via webmin’s cluster support.

None of this would involve touching the existing install scripts, just the underlying APIs would need to be modified to use getenv() lookups whenever configuration settings are required.

For details, see: