Clone a virtual server

Good day everyone, I recently upgraded to a VPS (moved from shared hosting). My first VPS purchase was a Windows 2016. I quickly switched out to Linux and made a conscious decision to use CentOS 8 and Virtualmin after doing research.

I got everything setup and I’m up and running, everything is live and in production.

So far everything has been more or less straight forward in terms of setup (with a bit of research and googling here and there I got by pretty ok), however recently I encountered an issue when trying to clone a virtual server in Virtualmin.

I think the issue is however related to DNS config and not necessarily something to do with my Virtualmin config.

Any assistance from the community would be much welcomed tho.

I couldn’t post the error log due to the restriction of not being able to post more than 2 links as a newbie to the forum.

Edit***** Here’s the error log uploaded to pastebin: virtualmin error -

The very first part of that error message is saying that you’re trying to get a certificate for subdomains.

You need the certificate for the domain and that will automatically propagate to the subdomains when you create them. It’s erroring out with this:

request failed : Web-based validation failed

because the domain itself isn’t reachable so it assumes it doesn’t exist.

Any ideas why the domain isn’t reachable? In virtualmin, it’s all setup. DNS records and all created.

What I didn’t see in your error log was the actual domain itself. All I saw were subdomains.

Lets say you have When you create that and get a certificate from let’s encrypt it should then automatically propagate to any subdomain of that domain.

But I didn’t see anywhere in your error where you had The error was only listing

So do you actually have an domain up and running with the certificate in place?

Guys, I got this issue resolved.

After looking at the DNS and Apache configurations over and over I decided to look around virtualmin to see what else could possibility be the issue. Spent hours trying to resolve this.

Finally I decided to install the 200+ updates I had pending in Webmin, problem solved.

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