Clicking on Virtualmin in Server Group Crashes entire box

Hello All,

I am using Virtualmin 3.26 on Webmin 1.300 and an unusual problem has started happening. Whenever I click on the Virtualmin Icon under Servers it locks up the entire server and crashes it. The server quickly runs out of swap space and bombs out to the point it must be powered off. I am currently hosting 100 + web sites and have never had any kind of problem with this great software.

A couple of days ago this just started out of nowhere. It happened on a previous version of Webmin/Virtualmin as well and I do not suspect an interop issue.

I believe there is something about the last website that I added. What would be the best way to delete a web site from Virtualmin without access to the Virtualmin menu? Is there a text file I could edit or something to expel my last web site for a test?

I am afraid if I remove Virtualmin to uninstall - re-install I might lose Virtualmin control of my 100 sites. This error only happens when Virtualmin is accessed or trying to do a Virtualmin upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Greg McAbee

Hey Greg,

That’s an interesting (and odd!) one.

First up: You never want to uninstall Virtualmin and reinstall. That’ll lose all of your Virtualmin data (the sites will keep working, but all of the various meta data that Virtualmin keeps up with will be removed).

But, removing an individual domain from Virtualmin’s control is possible, and not too difficult–if it is something about this last domain that has triggered the problem, removing it from Virtualmin’s control will make the problem go away (but I’m not convinced it is caused by one of your domains…we’ll have to do some digging to isolate the cause).

Anyway, let’s test that first hypothesis:

Login to a console session as root.

cd to /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains

grep "dom=domainname" *

The resulting numbered file is the domain in question–all of the meta-data that Virtualmin keeps on the domain is in that file (well, mostly), and moving it somewhere out of this directory will make it "disappear" as far as Virtualmin is concerned.

So move the file over to /root or somewhere safe.

Restart Webmin (because Webmin caches a lot of stuff…and I believe Virtualmin’s metadata is one of the datasets it caches).


Now try Virtualmin, and see if the problem persists.

If it does, we’d like to see what’s unique about that domain! :wink:

If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll walk you through some other things you can check.


That fixed the error thank you very much Sir!

I work as a Level III engineer for a software company in support so the "What caused this issue" is killing me. lol.

Would you like me to send you the file or something for investigation?

Kind Regards,
Greg McAbee


I emailed you the file. I have a canned setup for building web sites so they are all very similar. Everyone get’s all of the options and I cannot think of anything that is unique about this web site build.

Thanks for the legendary support.

Kind Regards,
Greg McAbee

Hey Greg,

I’m not sure we’d be able to glean any useful data from it, but if there’s nothing sensitive in that domain definition file that you moved out of the way (or you can take a moment to scrub it of the password and anything else you consider sensitive), I’d like to take a look anyway. You can email it to me at

Was there anything different about that domain? Maybe bandwidth or quota monitoring enabled, where you haven’t used it on other domains? (bandwidth monitoring in particular can be frightfully resource intensive)

I’m just guessing, of course, as I’ve never seen Virtualmin act up in just that way before.