Clearing out a user mailbox

Hi all,

I am running a site on which users register. After they register they receive an email containing a clickable link which confirms they own their email address. A common model.

I don’t monitor the sending address, and now that we have 193,000 registered users I have noticed that nearly 3,000 messages have come back as undeliverable.

It looks like using the Webmin interface I can only delete 20 at a time. Is there a command line solution to say “clear of the content of this mailbox”?

Also, does anyone have any advice for how I can prevent such a buildup of return emails occurring in the future?




Well, in regard to deleting more than 20 messages at a time – what you can do is go into Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix -> Mail Queue, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and then perform a search.

The search isn’t limited to any amount of messages, so if you search for the from address, which should be all those messages from that one site, you should be able to delete them all at once.


when the messages are delivered, then they are not in the queue and searching for them doesn’t work
what I do is FTP to the users mailbox and delete those messages there. I select the messages based on size.