Clear yes or no HTTP2 support and yes or no OCSP stapling support needed

There are lot of also very old topics on this.

Latest if find this repy from @Ilia :slight_smile:

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Mar 20
Whether Virtualmin Pro supports http/2 and Nginx reverse proxy with GUI option

Yes, and Virtualmin GPL as well. However we are only about to release new Nginx/Nginx SSL modules updates with support of http/2

That Nginx/Nginx SSL HTTP2 is now.

Apache only then?

A newer upto date howto / docs about this? With Matrix yes no supported OS and… yes no in Virtmin GUI …


Yes, HTTP2 support for Nginx with SSL is available.

Is Apache support also planned?

And OCSP Stapling

Or do you have to do it in conf files yourself as for now Usual if so why no manual howto docs?

No support Virtualmin HTTP2 with Apache ??? :scream:

i’m using
apache + http2 (almalinux 8 , debian 10)
nginx + http2 (debian 10 , ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
without problem…
on my server centos 7 (with apache) i can’t enable http2 because apache 2.4.6 don’t support http2.

this is my guide for debian/ubuntu with nginx
webmin - servers - nginx
edit configuration files
choose file (for example)

listen ssl http2;

edit row and append http2 after ssl

this is my guide for almalinux 8 with apache

webmin - servers - apache
global configuration
edit config files

choose file

— there is
LoadModule http2_module modules/
— append onw row with
Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1

apply changes


@ale.ab :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: well thank you!

Yes, we plan to look into adding http2 support for Apache.


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After taking a closer look, it seems that http2 with latest Apache versions simply enabled by default. Virtualmin doesn’t need to do anything to enable it. It will just work.


My apologies, I was wrong about CentOS 8. It needs to be enabled like:

Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1

… after discussing internally we’ll make it optional on Apache module, so yeah, there is some work needed.

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I have made a deeper look into HTTP2 with Apache topic and how it’s setup on different distros, and now can say that my initial assumptions based on quick look were incorrect.

All details are discussed on the post below for those who is interested and/or want to jump in and share some ideas:

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