clamdscan server on Centos

Is clamdserver issue already resolved in Centos5 ? There are some clamdscan.* packages on vm repository but they don’t install. They need some minit-setup, minit-tools and clamdscan packages and they are not found by yum.

How can I fix this and get clamscan server running?

I just got it working on my CentOS 5 server thanks to Jamie.

I noticed the enable ClamAV server option under Spam and Virus delivery but it it didn’t work(though it looked like it did.)

here’s the solution, which is actually a quote from an email from Jamie…

"Found the problem - the directory /var/run/clamd.virtualmin in which clamd creates its socket file was missing. Creating it allowed the server to start OK.

Future Virtualmin releases will do this for you automatically.

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For some reason I cannot get clamd to start.
[root@XXX run]# service clamd-wrapper status
clamd.virtualmin dead but subsys locked

Any ideas?

Ok I found the reason. The directory /var/run/clamd.virtualmin has to 777 permissions. For some reason the .pid and .sock files are created with nobody user and not clamav. Is there any harm in this?

Now the clamd server starts but when I try to change virtualmin to use that it says

The selected virus scanning command does not work :

WARNING: Clamd is not configured properly.

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Infected files: 0
Time: 0.000 sec (0 m 0 s)