Clamav no longer updating

**Operating system:CentOS
**OS version:7

ERROR: getpatch: Can’t download daily-26096.cdiff from
ERROR: Can’t download daily.cvd from

This just started happening today on two separate Virtualmin servers. I had this problem on non-Virtualmin CE7 servers starting about a week ago and had to update my version of ClamAV to the latest CE7 RPM, which is a newer version of ClamAV than what the Virtualmin RPM respository currently has. So I think Virtualmin needs to update their ClamAV packages.

I don’t think it’s just a change in the url but I haven’t spent much time looking at it.

Virtualmin delivers an outdated clamav version. The version is not longer supported by clamav thus the freshclam connection gets rejected. I created a bugreport:

Virtualmin doesn’t ship the clam packages, your OS does.

No, its shipped through the virtualmin repo

yum info clamav
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

What is the status if this?

I can’t view it. Probably because I am not a premium member.

We no longer ship clamav packages, and haven’t for several years.

The repos you’re using are deprecated (the /vm/6 repos are the repos used for current installs). At the time when we were shipping ClamAV we were shipping one (of several) variants of the EPEL ClamAV packages…but, the EPEL packages changed their layout and service names and package names at least three times in incompatible ways. But, they finally settled down into a form that is almost OK, and so that’s the packages we recommend.

So, enable the EPEL repos for this package. Upgrade clamav packages. Fix whatever broke. The “fix whatever broke” part may just mean disabling and re-enabling clamav and the clamd service (you cannot use the standalone clamav scanner, anymore, also…it is too large to start on every email even if you only get one email every few minutes).

Ok, this works. I enabled epel only for clamav by using the
directive in the repo file.
I uninstalled clamav and clamd, reinstalled the epel version and to start the service, I had to uncomment the following line in /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf otherwise it wouldnt start.
# TCP port address.
# Default: no
TCPSocket 3310

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This is the CE7 RPM Repository I am using for GPL version.

What RPM repository should I be using?

The repos in Index of /vm/6/gpl are actively maintained. The / base directory will be removed probably when we release Virtualmin 7 (and move to a /vm/7 subdir for the “current” release). I still push updates to the universal repos, and even occasionally push a security update to the distro repos in that base dir, but it hasn’t been used for new installs in about three years, I think. Hopefully most people are on the new repos, by now.

Ok thanks. That’s news to me. I changed my virtualmin and universal links to that repo and all it did was update my virtualmin rpm package from v5 to v6, which doesn’t seem to be much different. All other packages look to be the same version. Maybe just less of them like the clamav rpm.

The universal repos are all the same. The distro-specific repos have several differences (fewer packages, yes, but also some new ones).

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