Citrix Xen & images locations

to use Citrix Xen with CM (=Cloudmin), you need to first install XenServer, then create a first VM and install CM in it.
so when you download the CM’s images, you actually download then inside the VM.
when trying to create a new VM, the image used, needs to be transferred into the XS Host otherwise it cannot be used - this process take several minutes.

actually, even when resetting a VM to the same image its being transferred…

is there a better way to do this, to prevent the image transfer with each new VM?

Images should actually get cached on the host, so that they only need to be transferred once.

If this isn’t happening, check the cache size setting at Host Systems -> Citrix Xen Host Systems -> your host -> Maximum image cache size. If your images are many and large , it may need to be increased.