Choose features in server template

Ok, I’m probably being thick, but I don’t seem to be able to find this options anywhere.

I would like to choose the available, or at least the enabled by default, features in the server template.

What I’m specifically after at the moment is have a server template that will only enable bind dns. No website, no database, no email. Just dns and a virtualmin login to change dns records only.

For background, I’m planning to call this server template from whmcs to create accounts for clients that only want to use my dns servers.


(yes, I could / should just use modulesgarden dns manager for whmcs, but can’t afford that at the moment)

In Features & Settings, make all the other check boxes unchecked for the services you do not want enabled by default - i.e. keep only BIND as enabled by default.

Then when you create a virtual server, it will have only the DNS service enabled unless you specifically check boxes in the Create Virtual Server screen to enable any other service.

This is not the answer you are looking for and I am sure there is a way to get the same result via Server Templates but from the use case you have described for this Virtualmin server, I feel it would be better to control this via Features and Settings.

It is so good when a use case is also specified when someone asks a question, it helps us address the issue in a meaningful manner.

Thanks Calport,
Problem is, I’m also using whmcs to create shared hosting on the same server which will stop working if I use your solution.

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