Checkboxes are disabled and empty in Bootup and Shutdown page.

Wanted to disable Mailman, but can’t do it because a checkbox for it and some other services on Bootup and Shutdown are not clickable. This issue has been resolved on for Webmin 1.613, but I have Webmin version 1.600 and no all packages are currently updated. What can I do in this situation? And am I alone with this problem?

You can still click the “Service name” to get its details and then click the required button there.

You just can’t use the checkboxes to apply changes to multiple services at once.

Although Webmin 1.610 was released a couple of days ago, version 1.613 isn’t out yet (it’s possible it’s a development release). In the meantime, you can access the services the way Locutus mentioned… I’ll make sure Jamie knows that folks are eager to see the bugfixes contained in it :slight_smile: