Check number of emails sent by each virtual server?


Is there a place in Virtualmin to check the number of emails being sent by virtual hosts?

If so, is there a way to set up a limit, let’s say 100 a day for example?



There unfortunately isn’t a way to have per-domain or per-user limits on email sending, in a typical Postfix setup.

There are add-ons that would allow you to achieve such a setup though, including the Policyd policy server:

Is it possible to install PolicyD in a server with virtualmin already installed and used for large scale mail?


It’s no problem to use Policyd, that won’t interfere with Virtualmin, it’s no problem to use that.

If you intend on using Policyd’s greylisting, you might want to disable greylisting in Virtualmin first though.


Thanks, Eric!

PS: It’s been so much time working with Virtualmin, that I would like to meet the team one day. xD